Propose several means of transport with 2 wheels working with a clean energy:


The genesis of our project is part of a very simple observation.

First of all in everyday life. Indeed, we find that there are always more gasoline vehicles on the streets. As a result, CO ² emissions are increasing and the air quality is increasingly bad for the population as well as for the planet. The noises caused by gasoline vehicles are also harmful. Finally, the cost of petrol has been steadily increasing for several years, particularly since the beginning of the year 2018. Then, during several trips to China including the last one carried out in November 2017, we could see how this country is ahead of France regarding the use of electricity to move. Indeed, electric vehicles have completely entered the habits of the Chinese daily.

Our Ambition

Propose for sale and renting different electric vehicles with 2 wheels. Our vehicles, in addition to being extremely easy to use and practical, have a catchy design combining both the modern and the retro, which will stand out from our competitors.

Our goals

  1. To share our enthusiasm, to discover and adopt these modes of transport soft, economical, ecological and respectful of the environment.
  2. Gradually changing habits when it comes to making small trips of everyday life by freeing the use of vehicles with thermal motor. This will therefore aim to respect the environment, reduce noise pollution, CO ² emissions, traffic jams, parking problems, etc.